Coffee Is A State of Mind

coffee morning

I think it’s time to quit drinking coffee again.

Like the changing of the seasons, I gradually reach a point when I’m too addicted to coffee. I wake up with a headache, my eyes like a frosty windshield. Not until I sip that bitter brew do I start to welcome the day. It’s just becoming a hassle.

My wife stopped drinking coffee. It was the day she stopped that I started bringing a thermos of coffee to work. I always make four cups in the morning. It’s the perfect amount for me to enjoy a cup before leaving the house and for her to take her own on the go.

But since she stopped, I drink more. I’m not ashamed to say we spend a pretty penny on coffee and I certainly won’t let it go to waste. But that means I drink about 32oz throughout the day, constantly sipping and pouring more mugs full.

Around the 3pm slump I indulge. I act like it’s the only thing keeping me going. It’s the motivation I need to get through some of the less interesting tasks of the day. But what happens when it won’t satisfy anymore. What happens when the brew is just a stand in for motivation and it doesn’t work?

Lately I think I drink so much it has no effect on me.

Then there are the weekends. Coffee is much more than a drink or a shot of caffeine to the system. Enjoying my coffee early on a Saturday morning is a state of mind. If I didn’t have that ritual, I don’t think I’d greet the sun on those days off with as much fervor as I do with the brew in my hands.

And it’s starting to get cold outside. What am I supposed to drink when it’s cold outside. I can’t drink cider in the morning. Tea is much more of an evening drink.

And I know the day I choose to stop drinking coffee, it will be the day I need it the most.

I’ve been down this road before and it’s not as bad as I make it out to be. It just takes a leap and bit of commitment. Maybe a little weening, but it’s certainly possible.

Not this week though. Maybe next.

Author: Scott Taft

Scott Taft is a digital marketer, a writer and husband. He lives in Philly with his wife and dog. They love to hike, check out new restaurants and watch scary movies.

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