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This month a friend, Brendan Cottam, challenged me to Wayfair’s Blog It Forward campaign which asks people to perform a good deed and write about it. You can’t argue with a cause like that (and it’s also a pretty respectable linkbuilding strategy) so I accepted and started the work-week focused on helping a fellow Philadelphian in need.

What I noticed almost immediately is that because I was consciously looking for an opportunity to do good, I spotted many. People pulled over on the side of the road with hazard lights on, people not having enough money at the register, a woman struggling to shovel snow out of her walkway. It made me think about all the times I wasn’t looking for a chance to do a good deed and the people I may have overlooked who really needed help. This was pretty eye-opening.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own routine and move through the week head down, always focused on the next appointment or destination. But I think we all need to try to keep an eye out for each other. Chances are, there’s a time you can think of when you wished someone had stopped to help you.

Anyway, on to my own good deed:

My wife and I were walking home on a Saturday after parking our car in our neighborhood. We saw a young girl get out of a cab from which her, presumably, boyfriend was yelling at her to pay the driver. After he coughed up his own dough, he ran over to her and was yelling at her on their porch. He threw her cell phone into the lawn near us so we picked it up for her and stopped to make sure she was okay. The guy then used some choice words to suggest we go on home.

We kept walking but the girl ran up to us and asked if we lived close. We said we did and invited her to come hang out until things cooled off. She was grateful and came with us.

Everything turned out fine. The guy was just too drunk for his own good. I like to think I would have helped out even if I wasn’t actively looking for an opportunity to do a good deed, but who knows? The whole situation solidified in me the importance of looking out for your fellow man. You never know when they could really need your help.

Author: Scott Taft

Scott Taft is a digital marketer, a writer and husband. He lives in Philly with his wife and dog. They love to hike, check out new restaurants and watch scary movies.

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